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I am so excited you have decided to have me as your coach and mentor to join you in your journey as a "Leading Lady"! I believe that God will use people in our lives to propel and push us into our divine purpose. I am honored that you have chosen me as your mentor and coach to do life with you! On this journey you will gain new insight, wisdom, accountability, direction, but most importantly someone who sees and understands YOU. I can't wait to learn more about you and get started!


Love You

Coach/Mentor Jerri



Nicole Brown, Viewer

Prophetess Jerri is a true woman of God, one night I stumbled across her live and it’s like God himself was speaking to me. I joined her mentorship program and I’m still trying to complete it but, the way she broke everything down was amazing. She really has a heart for God’s people. She’s very transparent and just amazing. I am a young intercessor and it makes me glad that I have somebody to look up too.

Melvenia Hearns.jpg

Melvenia Hearns, Viewer

I was in a very dark place at the time and following her gave me so muchEncouragements ,then I joined her mentorship class in April 2020 and when I say she has blessed my life ,she has taught me how to open up to pray ,to read the Bible and understand it ,she has taught us how to become women of the gospel and how to love ourselves .I am so blessed to know her ,I thank God for putting someone like her in my life 

Enid Sunshine, Viewer

Prophetess Jerri Robinson is a humble and transparent mighty woman of God. The love of God is very apparent and shown through her actions. I remember being on the Prayer Watch Live for the first time about 10 months ago and she allowed God to use her through prophecy and She allowed God to pray through her. God used her to reassure me and encourage me that a particular situation was not my fault. Prophetess Jerri has pushed me in God through mentorship class to not sit on my gifts.

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