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Mother. Mentor. Singer. Coach. Prophetess  Jerri Robinson is known as a Woman of Tenacity, her love and passion for people literally shines through as a ray of hope for those she encounters. It was at the early age of fifteen Jerri received the call to the ministry. Jerri’s life, to some can been seen as glamorous and exciting based on her personality but her story is one of great hardship and consistent tribulation. Through it all she has consistently remained a staple of encouragement in her community and inspiration to those whom she comes in contact with.


The ministry and assignment of Prophetess Jerri Robinson has now become a household name. Jerri’s mission is to become more effective in bringing hope and inspiration to a dying world. It was from seasons of pain Jerri’s purpose was birthed and now she’s using those experiences to mentor and advise women through her training and mentoring program called The World Changers Network. 


Jerri’s testimony of being in the Foster Care System from the age of 5 to 21, is literally bringing hope and freedom to all of those who may feel that their destiny has been denied because of their past. Her heart for mankind has afforded her the opportunity to mount major platforms and the doors haven’t stopped opening to this day. After much prayer about a Pastoral Covering, God instructed Jerri to submit and come under the leadership of Pastors Hope and Ron Carpenter of Redemption. Jerri strongly believes who you sit under is a strong indication of what you will become. Jerri has been honored to be Spiritually imparted into by prolific leaders of this time such as her own leaders Pastors Hope and Ron Carpenter, Apostle Jonn Eckhardt, Apostle Ryan Lestrange, Dr. Juanita Bynum and more. 


While functioning as an itinerate speaker, Jerri birthed an International Broadcast seen by thousands weekly called The Prayer Watch LIVE which launched her ministry to television. Jerri graduated from The John Maxwell Institute where she earned her certification as a Certified Life-Coach, She received her Bachelor’s Of Science In Business Management & Finance from Walden University, she has being awarded her certification as a Board Certified Christian Counselor under the National Association of Christian Counselors.  Jerri believes in making impact in the world as she is a Director at The University of Connecticut. Due to Jerris impact and testimony she has also been honored to speak at ACS for foster children in Manhattan NY. Jerri has been awarded two citations from the NY Borough President for Next Generation of Leaders and for contributing to her community. Jerri's latest achievement is being awarded an honorary doctorate from the Great Commission Bible College and Seminary from London.


Jerri has graced the platforms of major Christian networks worldwide including The Word Network, ROKU TV, Life Zone TV, and The NOW Network TV which collectively reaches over millions globally. Jerri serves as the CEO of Jerri Robinson Ministries  Global as well as the Overseer and Founder of Hub Nation an apostolic Hub with members around the world. Out of all the accomplishments and doors that is opening, her highest honor is being the mother of her amazing daughter, Jada.

Prophetic Word Released To Prophetess Dr. Jerri From  Apostle John Eckhardt

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